I love finding stuff that was never destined for preservation and preserving the straight Jesus out of it, and I recently came across a treasure trove of 90s gaming magazines in my wife’s dad’s attic. Thus, the following.

Much like the whole chicken egg thing, I’m going to be debating internally the rest of my life whether or not I came up with the title or the actual idea for this new category first. “Celebrating Ephemera”, that’s just lovely. So was it that as soon as I had that I was ready to launch my long-held ambition of a series of posts documenting non-documents, or was it that I had the title swimming around up in there and had to birth some conceptual vindication from the ethereal womb so I could make appropriate use of it?


Like I said, I love preserving things. There was no more to it than [Item found]>[Item scanned>[on the Internet]. Catalogues for entertainment are some of the best of this shit that you can find: there’s this great appeal to me in how things that went onto become cult (or commercial) classics were originally presented, juxtaposed with how the five lines of copy totally fails to sell anything. Broken Sword is described as “an adventure game with a twist.””star wars” appears in all lower case. Some guy just couldn’t be bothered nearly twenty years ago, and he thought he got away with it. He didn’t count on motherloving RAMBLEAST well, did he?!

It’s cool too to see some of the temp covers for games that came out with better artwork, or how the Mega Drive titles share space with the likes of Tomb Raider 2 and Final Fantasy VII, a curious cross generational gap that may not have even existed by the time the ’98 catalogue rolled around. Ah, the whole thing’s just neat, check it out after the jump (or immediately, if you’ve followed a direct link to here). See ya!

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