I love finding stuff that was never destined for preservation and preserving the straight Jesus out of it, and I recently came across a treasure trove of 90s gaming magazines in my wife’s dad’s attic. Thus, the following, which sits comfortably in neither of the specified categories, there. Oh well.

These things used to slide out of every fourth or fifth issue or so of Kerrang! around the turn of the century, providing a dependable source of outerwear for those Northern Ireland kids not yet clued in to the Fresh Garbage pilgrimage required of all aspiring grungers as a rite of passage. Herein, you’ll find the charming juxtaposition of entry-level merch like band shirts and jewellery with tellingly dated contemporary button-pushing tat as modelled by foolish looking folks too old to be wearing the gear they’re wearing while refusing to smile.

Best thing is, I remember all of this, I remember thinking “who wears this shite?” while I leapt about the place, a foot of cascading curls dancing about the shoulders of my tried-and-trusted short-sleeve-t-shirt-pulled-over-a-long-sleeve-t-shirt combo, still an effective if now-overlooked way of doubling your wardrobe (or tripling, if you sprung for a second, differently coloured longsleeve). I remember those same three models, issue after issue, and thinking they should get a job and leave the dressing up like teenagers to us teenagers. And I remember coveting those outrageously priced licensed hoodies, and don’t think for a second I ever got over not owning one, because I haven’t.

So here’s another hastily assembled scan from your friendly neighborhood budding archivist. Here’s another thing that doesn’t need to be on the Internet unless there’s another me out these who’s searched for it in vain sometime over the fifteen years since it was printed. He must exist, because I am him, and I can’t be the only me, can I?

Commentary in the notes for any and all relevant offending articles. Click to view it slideshow-style, if that’s your thing, and REMEMBER WHAT STYLE OF CLOTHES YOU WEAR IF YOU BELONG AT ALL. Actual quote, that.

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