Best Things: Preacher #37, Page 5

I’ve just finished writing my dissertation (like finally finally finished, proof-read, re-finished and printed IN DUPLICATE) on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s fabbo Preacher, and one thing I couldn’t find…oh! Hi! Hi there, readers! So sorry – one thing I couldn’t find a way of getting into that 40-page mutha was this following three panel sequence. Every time I’ve thought about it over the past few days it’s brought a smile to my face, so here’s hoping y’all dig it too.

Brief context. The guy in the minister’s duds (another phrase I had to excise from the thesis) is Jesse Custer, and when he wants to, he can make anyone do anything by using the word of God, as illustrated by the red text. The humour in Preacher is frequently offensive, loud, brash, naked, fecal or blasphemous in nature, so it’s the subtle moments like this that stick out.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 21.50.05Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 21.50.14In parting, a word of advice. If you’re studying English, write about something you love if you get the chance. It’s awesome.

I’ll see you again soon, m’palzzz.

Best Things: Cher – “One By One”

Best Things: Cher – “One By One”

Witness ye now a perfect song:

For someone who counts Immortal’s Sons Of Northern Darkness among his favourite albums, Cher having my top “One By One” is kinda a big deal. Factoid – I could NOT find a way to phrase that I was happy with, and have sent this out from the kitchen with shame (the first of two cooking metaphors tucked into this post, and yes, you’re welcome).

Oddly, there’s a really shitty club version out there that was the main radio version overseas. Also, it’s a cover, but the way Cher handles it is like a master chef kneading meat he rescued from a McDonald’s patty jockey. (Thumbs up emoticon).

The album it’s from, It’s A Man’s World, is also worth checking out, and features her awesome version of “Walking In Memphis”, which I’ve listened to four times today and inspired me to write this post about ANOTHER SONG because my BRAIN, IS WHY.

Best Things: Gene Simmons by Bruce Timm

Not sure how this sketch came about, but the combination of Simmons’ classic look, Timm’s distinctive art style and some Kirby Crackle thrown in for good measure is a satisfying triumvirate* of strong visual identities. Plus the picture is boss awesome to the maxtreme.


Only thing is, now I want to see Simmons in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series.


Best Things – Kazumi Totaka’s “Star Maze”

Super_Mario_Land_2_box_artIf I were to embark on another regular feature a tier up from this one entitled ABSOLUTE BEST THINGS, this would be my first entry, but then I’d feel like I had to qualify which entrants would go into which of the two tiers and eventually I’d get pretty upset about it. I can guarantee that would happen.

Despite the limitations of the Game Boy’s sound chip, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins’ composer Kazumi Totaka just went ahead and created one of the sweetest melodies ever, laid it over a bass line that sounds like it’d be the sort of friend who’d always make sure you were safe if it were a person and not some notes of music, and set it to a constant,  unwavering and dependable kick drum beat. Thus is mastery revealed – any man who can do so much with what when analyzed is so little is a master. That is what a master is.

Ladies, gents…”Star Maze”: