Boss Man Thursdays: Hard Times, The Cowell Way

big-boss-man - CopyNo video this week, so instead have this awesome 90s pop version of his old entrance music produced by Simon Cowell for Wrestlemania – The Album:

You can’t have enough of what I for some reason want to call “NFL Funk”.

RIP, Big Best Man.

Boss Man Thursdays: Tell Him Who The Man Is

big-boss-man - CopyAt the Royal Rumble 1999, we briefly entered an alternate universe in which heel wrestlers sought Jerry Lawler’s attention in the midst of their matches. While Ken Shamrock would get up to it later in the night, Boss Man was the pioneer of this phenomena, microcosmic in significance:

I think we all know the answer.

RIP, Big Best Man.

Boss Man Thursdays: No Tresspassin’

big-boss-man - CopyBoss Man and Al Snow feuded over the WWF Hardcore Championship for a whole summer back in 1999. My favourite moment from that whole affair is the following:

Even though Al Snow smiling while being beaten up is supposed to be part of his character, I’ve always liked to think he just couldn’t hide how amused he was at BBM’s ad-libbing. Besides, we all know Al’s an unprofessional bastard who doesn’t sell chairs.

RIP, Big Best Man.

Ten Things I Love About WWE Armageddon 2004

Ten Things I Love About WWE Armageddon 2004

I’ve been chugging my way through 2004’s PPVs this past week. It’s not been easy. Lotta rape, lost babies, dropkicked babies, mentally handicapped characters, that sorta thing. Yeah, it was one’ve those years.

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Best Things: Big Boss Man Personality Profile

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a devoted fan of deceased wrestler the Big Boss Man, despite not knowing much about the man, the living man who wasn’t a (corpse-stealing, Bull Buchanan-training) wrestler but a dude playing a character to the rapturous delight of a million billion people. Imagine my glee at finding this scan from an old issue of WWF magazine last night and finally gaining some insight into Ray Traylor’s personality. He likes Metallica! He’s a father! Other things! You can click on it to make it sull-size, too:


And while trying to find the issue it came from, I stumbled across another, Partridge-predating gem:


You’re welcome, my brothers in Boss Man.

The Sole Highlight Of Raw’s 20th Anniversary Episode

Last night’s episode of WWE Raw marked the show’s 20th anniversary. Three hours came and went, and nothing much happened – Ryback shouted his three words; Mick Foley struggled with his lines and motion in general; Ric Flair continued to fly the flag for reanimated corpses while The Miz gurned at him. And then, it happened. Punk and Rock got into a ‘real’ fight (you know, just like Cena and Lesnar did last year), and amongst the Arn Anderson-led bevy of referees that tried to separate them, there did he appear:


The return of Fit Finlay, and finally…FINALLY, these two titans of pro wrestling sharing the screen like they have in my dreams for years. It’s not been five minutes since I saw this, so you know I’m serious.