Purchase Record October 2014

A quick list of what I bought this month and how I enjoyed it.

I’ve not read the Akira books yet because I’m debating whether to sell them on again. In comics collecting, there are two types of rarity – one is the sort in books that are always there to buy for crazily high aftermarket prices, and the other of the sort of books that you just never see. These Akira books fall into the latter category. At present, there’s only one auction for a handful of volumes on Ebay and there are no copies of these books on Amazon at all. Now, while I DID buy them to read them, I’m concerned about never completing the set of reprints. I’ve currently got books 4-9 of the 11 Epic trades (different from the Dark Horse/ Kodansha printings because they use Marvel’s early 1990s Steve Oliff colouring and Jo Duffy translation) but I’m not sure I’ll ever find the others. I was lucky to pick the six books I already have up in actual shops over the last six or seven months but who knows when I’ll ever find the others?

You? Psssshhht…

Ten Nights Of The Beast I did read, however. It’s a pretty good Jim Starlin Batman story starring the fantastically named KGBeast and has great art between the Mike Zeck covers and Jim Aparo interiors. I don’t want to say too much about the story because I want to encourage you to read it if you can find a copy. Don’t bite at those £20 Buy-It-Nows, though – got mine on auction for a fiver delivered.

I’ve not read Acts Of Vengeance! yet because despite ordering it at the beginning of the month it only arrived yesterday. After the Daredevil book I’m currently on, it’s next on the list.

The two new Marvel Now volumes I picked up were brilliant. The Waid/Samnee Daredevil is a series I always forget is as good as it is, and the new volume (which sees Matt relocated to San Francisco) is as compelling as the volume that preceded it with the bonus of having that whole ‘put the characters in new situations/fish out of water’ vibe. It’s nice to see Peter back in his own body in the pages of ASM, too, and while the observation snuck up on me quietly, I realised this month I’d be happy if Dan Slott writes Spider-Man forever. I honestly would.

The Deadpool book is overcrowded and the digital-first thing makes for a weird kind of experience as the comics aren’t designed for traditional reading so the pacing’s weird when transferred to paper. Still, occasionally very funny and definitely worth a read, plus it’s oversized which is great for the art.

My COF recy’rds are only being sent out on Monday and from America, but I’ll give them the Postman Cometh treatment when they arrive.

I was also very happy with Zero Year, having waited, as I planned to, until it was published in full to read it in one go. I lost most of my interest in Snyder/Capullo’s Batman when Joker set a horse on fire, but Zero Year is just real fun comics, if mostly for the art. Capullo’s never looked better than on this year of books, and a genuine selling point for me on this story was the colour work by FCO Plascencia, whose palette has really stuck in my mind for the week or so since I read this. As always, Snyder has no grasp of what constitutes appropriate dialogue – at one stage, Gordon says “put your claws in the air and step away from the billionaire” – but for the most part the story holds up. There’s no mistaking it though, Zero Year’s a keeper for the artwork, from the lush overgrown Gotham cityscape to the airborne throwdown in a thunderstorm. Interestingly, it never really feels like any sort of attempt is made at making it an authoritative Batman origin, either. It just sort of happens. I’m not following Batman books at the minute so I’ve no idea where it fits into New 52 continuity. Also, it’s made me want to reread City Of Owls and Death Of The Family in trade to see if they read better than they did month-to-month.

Anyway, onto November. Trying not to buy anything this month, to the extent that I’ve even deleted a bunch of my usual bookmarks to remove temptation. Pfft. We’ll see how THAT goes.


In my last blog, Boke Breakdown Badnight (“truly the best thing I’ve ever read OR written” – David Mamet), I detailed how my car had broken down two and half times in as many weeks. Since I wrote that ten days ago, that half became a whole to total three breakdowns as my entire [PART I DON’T KNOW THE NAME OF] was removed by a Kindly Mechanic who I kept calling Harold (legitimately because that’s the name of Batman’s mechanic/ my brain is irreparably compromised by 27 years of pop-culture bombardment) and my treasured Toledo sat in the terrifying twists of the barely-laid roads of the Ballygawley countryside.

Three times.

You know what’s worse than three breakdowns, man?

Four breakdowns. Silly toffee-for-thoughts here left his iPod running for an hour a few days ago and apparently that’s enough to run an entire car battery down. My battery’s the fuckin’ encapsulation of incapability. A weak-willed son of a bitch when it comes to powering cars – THE ONLY THING IT CAN EVEN DO.


Look at this battery. It’s aces. It powers a lift (way cooler than a car on any day) and helps advance the game so’s you can enjoy any number of new encounters with Nemesis and his corn-beef rocket launcher.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.53.26AND it’s found inside a statue. I bet the battery in my car’s never even seen a statue.

Then, I decided I was going to become a teacher.

So I’m headed back to school next year for my PGCE (which for years I thought stood for ‘Post-Graduate Course of Education’, and not ‘in Education’) so I never have to work in [PLACE WHERE PAUL WORKS AND IS LITERALLY CONTRACT-BOUND NOT TO DISPARAGE ONLINE] or with its many dead-souled denizens ever again. Hey, workmates – if you find this, I like some of you – particularly those likely to read this – but not the rest of you! You are shit!


Are you one of my 51 followers excluding living humans I’ve actually met/am engaged to? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments how you found the site, what you like and dislike about it, why you followed me, what you want to see more or less of and whether or not you’d listen to a solo podcast that I may or may not be definitely considering recording. If you are my fiancee, do not bother commenting on the blog, just tell my body in real life later on.

Down there. Comment down there if you are real. Let’s start a talkening. Hello!

Boke Breakdown Badnight (And Subsequent Fortbadnight)

Bullshit. That’s what life is. I’m calling bullshit on fuckin’ life these days, mans.

My car, WHICH I LOOK AFTER, has broken down two and a half times in two weeks. That’s more than a time per week. “How can a car break down half a time, Paul?” Weesht. I’m tellin’ ya.

I was on an Airport Run today. About five minutes in, Deborah notices the scent of burning, and I wave it aside. “AIN’T NOTHIN’ BURNING. SHUSH!” Cut to forty minutes later, after a big long diversion of all things, and the purest white smoke is pouring into the a rare clear October sky from under the hood of my car.

My car is dying WHILE I’M DRIVING IT! This is not good, I think. Oh, for fuck’s fucking… CRUMBS.

The fliers took a taxi cab* and I parked up. I then walked twenty minutes in hot sweaty sun before I found a shop that sold me a scandalous amount’s worth of oily things to fill my engine with. Twenty more minutes in the sun and I’m back at the car. White smoke (later revealed by a passing mechanic to be “steam”) is no longer escaping the engine’s ventricules** but everything is hot and smelly. I pour two litres of water into that mother, as well as some coolant and oil and tears and wait for it to do its stuff and notice that the ground under the car is soaked. Turns out it’s leaking and I’ve to drive it home, “steam” billowing a traceable path of woe down the M1 motorway.

But like I said, this isn’t the first time this has happened in the last fortnight. The first time, I had decided to grab a McDonald’s at midnight, and drove into Dungannon town with Scooter Chewieing in the passenger seat. Following this, I sat in the drive-thru queue for a full twenty minutes with my increasingly-concerned canine companion before, tellingly, the car started to sputter. Between the robot taking my order and me paying for my food, my car began to chug like a man choking to death on his own old bones, and by the collection window I was no longer able to drive, but merely roll. A pair of the McLackeys pushed me down the hill and I rolled to a stop and consumed my Big Mac and McNuggets while Scooter threw up from all the excitement. Turns out you need a certain amount of fuel*** in your car so’s it won’t break down. Go fig.

About a week later, and with much less public shame, my car just refused to start at work. At this stage I was that fucked off at the whole exaggerated friggery of it all I just left it there for two days before I told anyone, and Dee’s hilariously capable father was able to fix it in minutes. Once I told him. Two days later. Pat can fix anything. Radiators. Radios. Rad Pat, he should be…NOW IS called.

So that was two. And technically, my car isn’t broken down right now, but also, I can’t drive it ’til it’s fixed. So that’s been my October so far. Here’s hoping that half doesn’t become a whole, eh wot?

NOTES! – – – -

*Great term

**Probably a part of a car

***Not none.

Tomb Of Paul Rankin – Episode 3 – One Must Fall!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 20.25.58Tex Shandling stood beside his brother McGovern, himself stood agape at the very exact situation of it. Here, stood beside him (McGovern) was his thought to be dead brother (Tex Shandling, his brother). And worse yet, a vampire himself, the very like of Paul Rankin whom he sought to destroy.

“You filthy idiot”, chuckled Rankin the vampire. “To think you could come here this night, at my behest, to MY HOME, and kill me, and not expect to find your dead brother alive and ‘neath my thrall”. Then he chuckled a little longer.

“Tex…my brother…alive”, startled McGovern. “But how? I saw Rankin’s teeth sink deep into your neck after the disco that time. You must be dead”.

“I am dead…and yet live!”, he annoyingly replied. “I live now as Rankin’s manservant, much like the despicable Reed Abernathy. Mine is the night now. I love the moon and stars and fog and stones and the like, forever!”

“Oh no then”, said McGovern, despondent. Back to Rankin now.

“Like I was saying, you fucking fool, now I shall have my ultimate revenge on you for even thinking about trying to kill me for killing your brother, which I even only sort of half did in an ironic way!”

With that, Rankin slid across the greasy kitchen floor of his castle where the action had moved to and leapt for McGovern, who produced in a last ditch effort from his inner pocket a clove of garlic.

“Garlic! Ha ha. Are you mad? I AM PAUL RANKIN AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”, cackled the demon Rankin, who without a second thought tossed the garlic into a bubbling pot of pasta just to his right before pinning McGovern Shandling to the ground.

“Now I shall make of you a creature of the night, Shandling the younger, you half-brained twit. You really are totally useless. Ha. Deadly. You and your brother shall live as companion failures under my evil spell here forever!”

These words spurred McGovern into a last act. He threw a pointed carrot that was lying just beside him straight through his brother’s heart, and with a tear of final relief he crumbled to the floor. All that remained was Rankin, McGovern and the looming Reed Abernathy sniveling in the corner.

“Fucker that’s what you are”, said Rankin.

“Wait, Paul Rankin”, whispered McGovern Shandling. “I have one last surprise for you”.

Rankin narrowed his eyes. “Go on, ant. I can allow you one last moment of freedom before I enslave you for eternity”.

With that, Shandling reached into his pocket, and pulled out his fist, his middle finger extended in Rankin’s general direction.

“Your ma, Rankin”.

“Amusing. Now you DIE…for now”. Rankin bit into Shandling’s neck, spraying fabulous vein merlot across the floor as his prey drew his last breath. Rankin then rose to his feet and turned to address Abernathy.

“Clean that up, prick, and when he awakes in the morning, toss him out in the sun. Lethal.”



At A Loss – Gripe Fest 2K14

Categorised For Ease Of Reading


It’s raining. Because I live in a mobile home (it’s a caravan), I am constantly aware of the rain pounding away at the walls and roof of my fragile dwelling. RAIN. I’M SOME RAIN, PAUL. I AM HERE. LISTEN TO ME. I AM LOUD. YOU CAN’T GO FOR A RUN TODAY BECAUSE OF ME no bother rain I probably wouldn’t have anyway WELL I’M STILL HERE AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT BUT LISTEN TO ME RAIN MYSELF DOWN AROUND YOUR “HOUSE”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Despite myself, I’ve been consistently losing weight at a better pace than I ever did when I was consciously trying to. Pro tip – don’t try and lose weight and LOSE WEIGHT! Eat kebabs! Eat Double-Caramel Chunky Kit-Kats! Don’t go for daily walks listening to the Steve Austin Show anymore!

I attribute this achievement to the rigours of work and relatively sensible eating. Now, there’s a vague term. What is Relatively Sensible Eating? It exists, for me, as an alternative to the type of eating I did for the entirety of my last week off work, when I consumed a record amount of XTreme Chewits, Irn Bru and Big Tastys. During that week, I gained a little weight, owing to how I sat around reading comics all week eating junk food. Since then, I’ve lost the same and more besides by NOT eating like a crazy child and getting a decent amount of built-in exercise running up and down stairs and lifting things at work.


It’s sort of happened by accident. I’m worried about it to an extent though, because I kinda-hate my job. Another vague term. Basically, the problem I have with it is that I don’t feel I’m making enough money for a recent graduate (harsh but true) and I’m also miffed by the fact I’m not making any more money than other people who work much easier jobs for the same company. Also, I’m legally not allowed to badmouth the company by name because my old RE teacher’s wife made me sign a form saying I wouldn’t. Can’t wait to see what happens once I’ve left though, eh? The balance to this is that when I’m there, for the most part it’s OK. I like most of the people I work with every day enough to be my honest-to-goodness goofy self around, and, y’know, exercise happens. Thing is, when I’m not there, I hate the thought of it. I call this South Park Syndrome. I hate the idea of watching South Park, basically ever, but when I’m watching it I can enjoy it well and even have many great memories of classic lines and scenes.

Also, people aren’t treated well where I work, and while I can handle myself (and, regrettably, have had to) I feel sorry for some of the others who get shit all over because, I dunno, a thing wasn’t facing the way it was supposed to. My workplace has a reputation for a high turnover which sort of casts a shadow on the longterm staff of being frustrated and turning that into aggression to be directed elsewhere, and we’re generally considered replaceable. Realising this puts a lot of stuff into perspective, because the idea presents itself then that the higher-ups don’t need to be nice to their staff because they’re content to just get new staff. No-one is valued. I’m sick of working places where no-one is valued, because I work with some great people and fuck, if they worked for me they’d know I didn’t want them to leave.


Worst of all, though, and this is a shoot, brother, is Heart FM, a radio station with a very limited playlist and a bunch of has-been and never-were 90s mainstay DJs with a fundamental station-wide misunderstanding of the function and dynamics of radio broadcasting, including a competition that cannot be won, an ignorance of the majority of songs that are placed high in the charts at any time and no appreciation of the fact that tracks like the Boo Radleys’ “Wake Up Boo” and Black Eyed Peas’ insultingly bad “I Gotta Feeling” are designed to be played a certain times of the day/week. There is no rule that ‘a good song is a good song’ when it comes to radio, and Heart FM’s programmers ought to realise this. Ten hours of that per workday (also, I work ten-hour shifts exclusively – what happened to 9-5 that they had to start it two hours early?) isn’t good for the mood, man.


Further to my weight loss discussion of earlier, I must mention that the mango and mineola smoothie I’ve just concocted was basically ruined by one component just not tasting right. Seeing as the oranges just sort of mushed apart in my hands when I was peeling them, I’m inclined to lay the blame with them and with MCGUIGAN’S TODAY’S EXTRA IN DONAGHMORE, NORTHERN IRELAND for selling me shoddy produce with no sell-by.


What else? It’s stopped raining. Scooter is fed up and asleep at my feet. I’ve left the door open so that she can go out if she wants to, but that ain’t happening. I’m considering heading down to 2di Studios (shameless plug) this afternoon for some drumming, even though it’s really far away and the process of setting the kit up usually kills my enthusiasm for playing. I miss drumming so much. I can’t believe that for ten months I played drums every day in the comfort of my own home and that I haven’t got that anymore. Such a shame. Talk about taking something for granted.


There’s a Batman trade on ebay closing in 30 minutes that I’ve wanted for months and at a reasonable price too. Seeing as likely be here for another thirty minutes, I’ll let you know how that goes.


Dream Theater’s new Blu-Ray is pretty cool. It’s not all-the-way cool, but that’s per my own standards. See, I was ecstatic at how their last disc (released only a year ago) featured their then-latest album played entirely. I love seeing bands support their new material, especially when it’s as good as on my favourite DT album, A Dramatic Turn Of Events. This new disc has about half of the new album (including the songs that need to be played live), but the rest of the disc is devoted to unearthing some rarely played tracks from Awake and Scenes From A Memory, enjoying 20- and 15-year anniversaries respectively. Thing is, I’m not a big fan of the wandery nature of side 2 of Awake, so that doesn’t really appeal to me, although the version of “The Mirror/Lie” that they run through is really electric and all involved from band to crowd knows it. The tracks from SFaM are welcome, but ultimately I’d still have preferred more from last year’s Dream Theater, just to see more of Mike Mangini playing Mike Mangini drum tracks. Also, the orchestra and choir that perform on a number of the songs add very little to the mix. Maybe it sounds better in 5.1, I dunno.

On that point, it seems like DT are trailing behind Rush now in terms of things they include with their home-video releases. DT’s last disc, Live At Luna Park, had a bonus of them hanging out at dinner which is a direct lift from something Rush did for Beyond The Lighted Stage, and Rush’s last disc (also from last year) featured an orchestra too. Just a thought.


I’m headed to Belfast tomorrow for a wedding fair – well, to leave Deborah at the wedding fair which I am not going to – and I’m toying with the idea of buying those Akira comics I mentioned at the start of last month’s Get (Into) What You Paid For Challenge. Oddly, I don’t really fancy spending the money, but I’m also aware that those books are gonna go some day and I want it to be to me that they go.


Starbucks’ Frappucinos – Vanilla. The store-bought ones. Can’t remember last time I was actually in Starbucks.

Lee and Herring. Been listening to Fist Of Fun and Lionel Nimrod quite a bit (as I often do when Platnuming games) and I really enjoy nearly everything these two do, especially as aided by Armando Iannucci and Rebecca Front. Some of their running jokes/catchphrases are so subtle that it takes forever to identify them, like how Stewart Lee will often say “sorry, I didn’t think” in sketches with the cadence of an scolded child or the “ah, but…” that became much more prominent in the TV version of Fist Of Fun. The extras on that show are really interesting, because they document the duo’s slow realisation that they could have had a lot more success with running the stuff that was good in one episode in every episode, like all good sketch shows do. Apparently they’re in the process now of buying the distribution rights to This Morning With Richard Not Judy at the moment like they did with Fist, and they can count on my purchase once that comes to light for sure.

Awesome! I got that Batman book for £5.19 with a 7-seconds-left bid. That’s a saving of about £15 less than what it usually sells for. Also, does that mean the other person bid £5.18, seeing as I put a max bid of £20 on? Who knows. Anyway, I’m away. If you stuck with this massive block of words, many thanks! I’m away to do…something, hopefully.

Get (Into) What You Paid For – Day 30 + 1: Wrap-Up & Purchase Record

Between starting this entry and finishing it, I went through the process of debating whether or not to play Ratchet And Clank 2 to its PSN Trophy-mandated Dash Completion* and actually playing it to its PSN Trophy-mandated Dash Completion. Long story short, I have in every conceivable way Got What I Paid For as far as that title is concerned.

One of my last posts on this Challenge concerned the number of games on the To-Do List, which has since dramatically reduced. I had a little go on Ratchet: Gladiator and the first level, as with nearly any game in my quick-to-cut experience, was enough to tell me that I’ve no interest in it. Similarly, Devil May Cry has been removed from my PS3 because I satisfied my nostalgia getting as far as I did (which is not very). Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is being put onto a sort of whole-life back burner so I can play it in a big room when I live in an actual brick-and-mortar house again and with a rebought Move controller and gun attachment yoke. Bioshock Infinite I’m ready to play soon as I can figure out how to convince my console to let me to. What I’m left with at the minute is Ratchet And Clank 3 (which I intend to Platinum for the sake of completing the series ((exclusing those off-shoot gimmick games)) and the Harley Quinn’s Revenge pack for Arkham City. I’m sort of trepidatious** about that one because, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I’ve not played that game since it came out three-odd years ago and I’ll likely end up diving into the whole bloody thing again.

In all of the Get (Into) What You Paid For Challenge month, I didn’t read a single page of either of the two non-comic books I’ve yet to look at, nor did I glance at my 3DS for a go at that Zelda game I mentioned. This is all stuff I’d ideally like to get done before Christmas, but I did pretty well considering.

My comics backlog, which was briefly completely bare, now stands at a respectable two – the first Miller Daredevil Omnibus (which will be a re-read) and the first Iron Man Epic Collection, The Enemy Within. Two’s good. Suits for now. Next stop is either further expansion of the Deadpool library or those Akira issues I found months ago, if they’re still there, and even if they are I’ll not be able to read them ‘til I complete the series which’ll take some time. Those books are genuinely rare, rather than the sort of ‘always there but expensive’ rare you often find with out-of-print funnybooks.

I ended up selling a lot of stuff this month because the nature of the challenge ended up changing how I felt about the things I’d been holding onto. Most of my remaining Blu-Rays went, which is fine considering their general redundancy anyway, and I parted ways with my PS4 for the time being ‘til sometime next year when a genuine must-have game is released for it. With it went that strangely alienating super-HD Tomb Raider. C’est la vie.

Best of all, though, is that I’m writing again. Whatever it was that I used to have that made blogging so easy is partly obscured these days for some reason – age, motivation, who knows? – but I’m enjoying it and planning, as I always did without delivering, future articles and ideas. I’ve got one, er, ‘project’ I’ve been wanting to complete for years that I’ll be rededicating my efforts to.

Also, Tomb Of Paul Rankin. Stay tuned to that for further fanged adventures.

Anyway, this is me (Paul) signing off on the Get (Into) What You Paid For Challenge for September 2014. Despite the specifics of the Challenge discouraging the purchase of new materials, here’s what I ended up buying minus the car stero I couldn’t (be bothered to) find a picture of. See you later dudes.

*A term I coined myself, ah, it’s a whole thing – readallabouddit

**One of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s favourite words, per Mick Foley.

Tomb Of Paul Rankin – Episode 2 – A Night At Castle Rankin!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 20.25.58At thirteen past midnight, the Witching Hour precisely, McGovern Shandling arrived at the labyrinthine door to castle Rankin. With a hearty head and a heavy heart, he took a rap upon the oversized chrome knocker of The Devil that stood upon the door’s ferocious face. It creaked open with a bang and also it was still raining.

“Yeth?”, came the reply from the bedraggled manservant who stood behind. Dressed head to toe in discarded kitchenwear, a wilting chef’s hat atop his wrecked head, Reed Abernathy enquired what Shandling wanted.

“What it it you want, mithter Shawndleng?”, he gurgled. He sounded like this because he had a slice of Rankin’s finest olive bread in his mouth at all times on threat of finger breakenment from his master, the bad bad Paul Rankin the vampire.

“What?!”, exclaimed Shandling, surprised. “How do you even know my name? Sure we’ve only JUST MET”.

“My mawthter is expecting you. He waiths in the throne room. Beware histh fury Shandling, for it thpells your doom this eve.”

“OK, Abernathy. Let me end your misery!” Shandling produced a gleaming silver revolver of some sort, and motioned it at the depressed, horrible Reed Abernathy, but was distracted by a big smash elsewhere in the castle followed by some giggling.

“I’ll be back for you, freak.” He said. Then he went.

He made his way through the castle. There was fire everywhere on the walls, because all the bulbs had popped and Paul Rankin had not bothered to replace them. “Wicked, lazy Paul Rankin”, thought McGovern Shandling. The castle was old, probably at least 50 years old, and full of bugs and torn up newspapers and old things like swords and the Bible which hung mounted upside down with “shite this book” scrawled across it in toxic green blood. Shandling shivered as he made his way to the throne room.

There he found the vile Paul Rankin, stood atop a mound of spilled copies of Paul Rankin’s Cooking With Class beside a totalled bookcase. “Ha ha ha”, did say the vampire, fresh from hell’s pit. “I really have so many copies of these that I can afford to waste a few. And I even…wha…SHANDLING!” He had noticed his intended attacker.

“Correct. You horrible basta*d, Rankin. There are kids on the street, with not enough to EAT. Who are YOU pretending not to see them weep?”, he screamed. The vampire turned up the collar on his winter cape.

“Cretin. You are a terrible bore. I see you’ve risen to meet my challenge. Well, your life ENDS here, here, amidst the many spilled copies of Rankin’s Cooking With Class! Ha ha ha ha. RIGHT HERE.”

Shandling stepped back. The vampire approached, licking his lips and mouthing “get you” with them.

“Time for my secret weapon, Dracu…Paul Rankin. See how you like it then”. Then, Shandling produced from his own collar a necklace of the holy cross, of purest fool’s gold.

“Arrrrrggggghhhhhh”, said Paul Rankin. He hated jewelry. “Take it awaaayyyyy”.

“No I will not”, refused Shandling. The vampire did a double somersault on the spot, landing sort of facing away, and dashed to the side to recover.

“You complete bloody imbecile. You’ve landed in it now, your own pool of fool DEATH I mean. Allow me to introduce my OWN secret weapon!”

And at that moment, a new eighth hand, from a total pair of four seen so far, took the necklace from Shandling’s hand and threw it down the bog. Shandling turned to face his new oppressor and stood afroze in white total terror.

“T…Tex Shandling?”

And Paul Rankin laughed the laugh of purest evil, and it was heard that night in all five rooms of Castle Rankin and not forgot for at least thirty, forty minutes.

IS IT TRUE? Tex Shandling…Alive and well???

HOW WILL our hero deal with this development???

IF AT all???

I’LL TELL YOU how…On the next Tomb Of…PAUL RANKIN.

That’s when.

Tomb Of Paul Rankin – Episode 1 – Run Afoul Of The Count!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 20.25.58The wind is fierce and the sky black and dark and lightless on the night McGovern Shandling sets out on his fateful quest to rid the world of the great vampire Paul Rankin. Seriously crazy crazy weather. Like you’d read about in a story or something. It is MENTAL weather. Please try and picture this. Thank you.

Now, use your mind and I guess your eyes (as through years of use you will surely have become adept at picturing things with a combination of the two) to picture the winding stony road leading to Castle Rankin as Shandling, in bell bottom jeans and a green top, winds his way further up the crumbling winding path, his Wolverine backpack shredded by the wind and his wooden stake ready at the hip of his body.

“I shall get you this night, foul Paul Rankin. For though my brother lies long dead at your accursed whim, his legacy and memories and things are still strong in my life and I shall avenge his spirit with violence to lay upon your wretched being”.

Said McGovern Shandling.

“Ha ha ha fool”.

It was Paul Rankin, stood atop a tree to Shandling’s immediate southeast.

“I am not even in my castle. I am here, in this very tree. Ha ha ha, you FOOL”.

He was really pushing McGovern Shandling’s buttons. The vampire hunter was furious at being called a fool twice. He then said:

“It is you who are a fool, wicked Paul Rankin. I am here to get you, and get you good. Tonight you DIE, Paul Rankin!” He said.

“Hold your weesht, human fool”, Paul Rankin spat, thrice branding Shandling a fool to his bubbling ire.

“This here is my castle area, and this my tree. Know ye not the rules about vampires and castle areas and their trees?”

McGovern Shandling did not.

“I do not”, he said.

“Well, listen up, scum. Here, I can turn into a fox, a bat and a rat and an owl, all at once (after each other). You’ll never see it coming, fool.”

“I will now”, shot back Shandling, “sure you’ve just told me yourself Rankin, you blasted beast.”

Paul Rankin recoiled in fury, his chef’s apron slung over his shoulder as he hissed at McGovern Shandling.

“Arggghhh, Shandling. You may have won this round, but much like I snuffed short the light of your brother, Tex Shandling, I shall this night or the next have my revenge. Meet me at my castle, if you dare, fool Shandling, and we shall see whose is this night.” Said Paul Rankin the vampire.

With that, he vanished into a puff of plain flour. McGovern Shandling sheathed his stake and made off for the castle, and muttered under his breath.

“Ah ha, hell’s Paul Rankin, but you shall never expect my secret weapon, shall you? No! Ah ha ha ha ha!”

WHAT is McGovern Shandling’s secret weapon?

HOW does Reed Abernathy, manservant of Rankin, fit into proceedings?

WHEN precisely will you get the answers to these and many more questions you may have yourself about this first early adventure?


Get (Into) What You Paid For – Day 23 – The Expansion Of The To-Do List

There are a number of games on my To-Do List (new, official name to be hereafter abbreviated as TDL). In fact, even as it stood at the start of the month when I decided I was going to stop buying things so’s I could make use of existing purchases and before I worked my way through my comics library to completion, I still had more games than anything else. Here’s an expanded list of games I feel I owe some more attention to, and the ways in which the titles on it are considered ‘undone’.


Ratchet And Clank 2 – Here because I’ve not played it. I did own it on PS2 once, but it was about two years after I bought a PS3 and I couldn’t really get it to look good on my TV. The is the first of many games on this list that I actually bought on disc for PS3 and sold to upgrade to a digital version as soon as it went into a sale.

Ratchet And Clank 3 – Same as above.

Guacamelee – See, this is different, because I’ve finished Guacamelee a few times already on PS3 and PS4. It’s one of favourite games ever, and the most recent entry onto that barely-defined mental list. In fact, it’s going to be the subject of my next Ten Things article, as soon as I get around to writing it.  The reason it’s on here is because I’ve only one trophy left to collect in it to get a 100% rating (see: Platinum Trophy) by finishing it again on hard mode, but it’s kinda something you have to chip away at because it IS hard. So, so hard.

Ratchet: Gladiator – A weird one. I actually got this game for free from Sony for playing a demo of one of the weird non-proper mid-period PS3 Ratchet And Clank games. It was one of those download the full game and buy an unlock code if you want to play it demos, rather than the standard ‘one level’ demos, but I guess it registered as a purchase for them because months later they sent me a voucher code for this. Hell, I didn’t even know Gladiator was coming out on PS3. Forever paired in my mind to the similarly titled Jak X, another game starring one half of a popular platforming duo.

Devil May Cry HD Collection – I once owned Devil May Cry on PS2 and really enjoyed it, but I could never beat the last boss. As I remember it, it was an occasionally beautiful game with fucking excellent music and loads of cool crazy things like those neon floating giant skulls that bite you underwater and lava spiders and junk that was really hard because I never bothered to learn how to appreciate its combat system. I’ve tried playing it recently and am charmed by the same exact factors, only it’s still really hard and the FIRST boss took me ages to beat. I don’t know if I’m going to play any more at this one, having adequately satisfied my nostalgia, but I might, so it stays on the hard drive for the time being. I feel no obligation to the second a third games and won’t be glancing at them.

God Of War Ascension – On here simply because I bought it (physical), sold it, bought it again (digital) and haven’t played it since. The worst of the GOW games because of a misguided story, it is nonetheless massively impressive in the usual ways. I wrote a *cough* professional *cough* review of it last summer, if you care to check it out here.

Batman: Arkham Asylum – On here because I never played the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC, or hell, even the main game for a second time, and I fucking loved it, so it’s well overdue a playthrough.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles – I downloaded this last summer and even bought the official Playstation Move system and big machine gun controller adapter thing for it, but I couldn’t get comfortable playing it. I think you kinda need to do so standing up, like in an arcade. Also, I would have been better off with the smaller handgun attachment. Still, of what I played of this game on Wii (where I also never finished it) I really enjoyed it. Chalk that up to being a big Resident Evil 0 fan. Anyway, I plan on getting around to it sooner or later.

Kula World – The PSOne beach ball classic. Never finished it, so it’s on here. Honestly though, I never will, but I’m happy to spend 10-15 minutes with its lovely ambiance now and then.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Downloaded this because I like 90s Capcom in general and wanted to see what it was like. Finished Arcade Mode a few times, and still dabble with it.

Final Fantasy VII – Downloaded this for a potential article for Blast Process. Still aspire to someday write it but I understand all too well how not having played something iconic at the time it first came out can be a barrier to enjoyment.

Klonoa: Door To Phantomile – Loved the demo back in the day but couldn’t find it, so bought the full game. Charming, bonkers, and I’ll never finish it.

Grand Theft Auto 3 – Not fully played since I rebought it on PSN. Still one of my most cherished videogaming experiences and the foundation of a top five Christmas regardless.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – As above, BUT I never finished it, to my shame. I owe it that courtesy because it’s a great game. I just wish that Rockstar had got around to releasing their HD ports that they made for fucking telephones on, y’know, game consoles.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Confession – I never played it. I know, I know. But still, I downloaded the soundtrack and it significantly expanded my musical horizons, and it has a great reputation. Some day?

Bioshock Infinite – A free title to PSN Plus subscribers and something my trusted advisor KCP has suggested I try. Curiously, it’s currently marked as “Expired” on my games list, despite my Plus subscription being active.


The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – Came free with the Gold Triforce XL console I upgraded to. I’m looking forward to playing it, but on reflection the only Zelda games I’ve really enjoyed are Wind Waker (again, maybe my favourite game ever), Twilight Princess and parts of Ocarina of Time, so I’m not a hardcore enough fan to just love it because it’s Zelda.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3D – A curiosity purchase, and there’s no doubt, it’s really cool. It’s a playable version of a game I fucking HATE (Readallabouddit) but I’ve not finished it, because, you know, it’s Sonic 1.

Super Hang On 3D – Similar to above, only I love Super Hang On. Not played enough, but dabbled with.

Streets Of Rage 3D – As with Super Hang On.

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 – I’ve not finished this on 3DS, though I MAY have finished it on Game Boy back in the day. It’s sort of a mythical game for me, to be romantic about it, and part of its appeal to me is the “did I ever?” factor. Excellent gameplay and score.

This list is not exhaustive, but that’s to do with weird mental factors. For example, Resident Evil: Revelations, a great game, isn’t on this list, even though LIKE God Of War Ascension I’ve only played it once and it’s the same age give or take a month. Similarly, I’ve not played Infamous, Infamous 2, any of the older GOW titles, the Uncharteds and a host of others since I sold the discs to fund the downloads. So I dunno. I hate thinking about all this stuff but am unable not to.

Anyway, the next task on the TDL is Ratchet And Clank 2, because I loved the first one on playing it last summer and I’ve just got back from seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy again and the futuristic cityscapes, space travel and weapon-toting furry animal really put me in the mood for it. I’ll be in touch.